Client: We are Basket

Brand identity, content creation, merchandise, concept creation, community building

Creating a community

The online magazine We are Basket was our own project to show our love of the game, and blend the two things we appreciate most: fashion and basketball. Besides that, the online magazine was our place to showcase our digital design, content creation, but most of all it was the first place we offered our creative network to showcase their work in photography or video.

Since 2017, our online community has grown to 40.000 readers a month. We’ve done a lot of amazing on- and offline projects to strengthen our own community, but also the basketball community as a whole.

Showing the other side of professional basketball players through photoshoots, interviews, mini docu’s, one issue of a magazine, and as our highlight, we’ve created our own We are Basket apparel.

  • Created a (basketball/lifestyle/fashion) community around our brand
  • Developed our own successful merchandise
  • Provided a platform for our network to showcase their work